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Sitecomm PTToC (Push To Talk Over Cellular)

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Outstanding Coverage

Australia Wide Voice Communications

Ezyptt PTToC (POC) Radio solutions is a premium PTToC 2 Way Radio Solution, offering Australia wide coverage on the Optus 3G and 4G Network

We Keep It Simple!

Ezyptt Radio Solutions is designed to be simple and work like a traditional 2-way radio.

We own and operate our servers and the software to keep you talking with 99.9% uptime.

While operating on the Optus 3G/4G networks throughout Australia.

Australia Wide Coverage

Sitecomm PTToC offers Australia wide coverage backed by the Optus 3G/4G Network.

Fully Tested Products

We fully test our products before considering releasing it to the market, thats why we back our products with a full 1 Year warranty.

Competitive Price

We give you the best possible value for money, our prices are one of the lowest in the market, without any compromise on quality or service.

How It Works

Push to Talk Over Cellular or better known as POC Radio, is the method of Voice transmission over the mobile phone networks using 3G and 4G Data.

Unlike a normal 2-Way radios that have limited coverage, our POC Radio utilises the coverage of the Optus 3G/4G mobile network covering 98.5% of the Australian population, and with conventional 2-Way radios there are licence fee’s and site costs our POC Radio solution eliminates these costs.

Sitecomm’s POC Radio devices are designed to give the user that 2-way radio feel of operation with wide area coverage on Australia’s Optus mobile network.

Sitecomm offer a full 1 year Warranty on any of there products with full Australian support.

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Australian Tested Products

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