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Fixed GPS Wiring Information

There are 2 options to wiring our fixed tracking unit SC-GPS-4005 into your vehicle, this really can depend on the the type of vehicle you are wanting to install the unit into.
Option 1
The diagram below shows the unit wired using vehicles accessories this is useful if your want to monitor when the ignition is turned on or off on the vehicle but is not necessary for vehicle tracking, We recommend option 2 for our devices. 
Option 2:
Is to wire the units positive (RED Wire) and the Ignition (WHITE Wire) together to the same 12V+ or 24V+ power source, wired this way the unit will still function correctly but will not report ignition on and off this is our preferred option.

Installation in motor vehicles is best carried out by a auto electrician, if installing the unit into a motor vehicle its best to be installed in dash as high as possible and hard wired to vehicles fuse box, the less metal surfaces above and around tracking device the better it will perform.Check out our preferred installers list at this link Approved Installers.
Remember if you need further assistance please contact us we are here to help.