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Protect your prized possesions.
Protect it and track it with Sitecomm GPS Tracking

You work hard to buy the things you love and with so many vehicles stolen everyday why wouldn’t you GPS track it?

Cars, Trucks, Campers, Caravans, Horsefloats, Motorbikes, JetSki’s, Boats, Trailers.

Options Included

NO CONTRACT live GPS tracking.
Unlimited geofences and alerts.
Updates every 60 sec’s.
Email and Mobile Alerts.

Special Options Included

Option to intergarate with your vehicle to remote shut down, monitor engine hours and custom inputs.

4G Network Coverage

Full 4G coverage covering all the correct network bands accross the country for the best possible coverage.

Australian Servers and Support

Know you getting the best in the market with Australian based servers and great customer service and support.

Are You Prepared?

3G Networks are Shutting Down Soon!

Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone, major mobile network operators, are discontinuing their 3G networks this year. If you’re not prepared, make sure to get ready to ensure your lift phone continues to function.
All PSTN voice dialers must be compatible with VoLTE 4G connections. We guarantee that ours are.

Lift Phone Lift Phone

EzyPtt Poc Radio Solution

Ezyptt is the most competitively priced PTToC (POC) Push To Talk 2-Way radio solution in the market and best of all its Australian with full Australian support.


Talk to your fleet, staff accross Australia at a fraction of the cost of a area limited 2-way radio network or expand your current radio system to cover nationwide.

Dispatch Options

PC Dispatch Console is Windows based application providing dispatch control capabilities. Voice Calls, Location Tracking, Monitoring of Fleets.


Ezyptt is a fully Australian PTToC (POC) 2-way Radio Solution utilising our own Australian based servers.
Backed by the Optus 4G Network.

Special Receive Only Features

Live streaming Receive only groups to listen to local fire services dispatch.

(Victorian Customers Only)


Vehicle Theft In Australia
– In Australia a car is stolen every 12 minutes

Passenger Cars


Other Vehicles