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Unlimited Geo-Fences, Email and SMS Alerts.
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Emergency Lift Phone?  
Are you Prepared?      

Don’t let your staff or tenents be caught in the dark and stuck in a lift with no working emergency lift phone or mobile phone coverage.

Talk to Sitecomm about your options to migrate your lift phone to our 3G/4G mobile network device.

About us

Australian Based Company

We are proud to be an Australian company and pride ourselves on delivering great products and great customer service, all at a low price with no extra fees.

What We Do

We offer a monthly or yearly fixed price GPS tracking service which includes unlimited tracking 24/7

Geo-fences, email and SMS alerts are all included free.

Tech News

Telstra announced on the 9th of October 2019 that 3G services will come to a end in 2024.

Sitecomm have identified this and only supply 4G devices.

Long Life 4G Asset Tracking

Sitecomm can now supply a long life 4G tracking device that can last up to 4 years on a single charge.

(Conditions Apply)

Copper Phone Lines Going!

With the rollout of the NBN copper phone lines are becoming a thing of the past. You don’t need to pay for the NBN when all you need is a fixed PSTN line.

Online Store

Products and services can be purchased via our online store, with payment via secure stripe gateway.

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