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SC-D-4G VoLTE 4G Dialer


Sitecomm’s 4G VoLTE PSTN Dialer, Provides a native PSTN line for use with Emergency Lift Phones, FIP’s, and native PSTN security systems.

Designed for Australian 4G VoLTE Networks (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone) along with 100% Australian Support and Warranty.


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The Sitecomm 4G VoLTE Voice Dialer has the ability to connect an analogue phone/line to the PSTN port for making voice calls via any 4G VoLTE sim card.

This 4G VoLTE Voice Dialer will continue to work when 3G Networks are shut down, many devices on the market do not support 4G VoLTE connections this product does, we guarantee it.

Full support of all networks in Australia, Optus, Telstra and Vodafone, Sim card in not included Contact Us to discuss our sim card plans.

Uses Includes:

  • Emergency Lift Phones and Fire Indicator Panels.
  • Alarm systems that require native PSTN line to dial out.
  • Remote Communications Centre and Worksites.
  • Emergency Communications Centres.
  • Home phone alternative.

Please Note: NBN/Telstra in Australia are disconnecting all copper landlines this includes FIP’s (FIRE INDICATOR PANELS) and emergency lift phones lines.
Building managers and owners corporations / body corporates are getting ahead and installing this 4G VoLTE PSTN Dialer in replacement of the copper landlines allowing Emergency lift phones and other equipment that requires a native PSTN line to continue to work without interruption.

The Sitecomm 4G VoLTE product offers the ability to use a sim card via any 4G VoLTE network (Telstra, Optus or Vodafone) to make phone calls via a standard PSTN Line.

Features include:

  • Designed for Australian 4G VoLTE Networks.
  • 100% Australian Support and Warranty.
  • Plug and Play with no programming required.
  • LCD Status Display.
  • PSTN Line via cellular allows Phone or Fax to be connected ideal for emergency lift phones and FIP’s.
  • External 4G Antenna for increased coverage (included).
  • 12 Volt DC Power Supply (included).
  • RJ12 PSTN Phone cable (included).
  • 3 Hour Internal Battery Backup.

Please read Sitecomm’s terms and conditions by Clicking Here 

Additional information

Weight1000 g
Dimensions20 × 10 × 20 cm



Meets Australian Standards and Approval


All Australian 4G VoLTE Bands


12 volt DC Power Adapter Included


External 4G Antenna Included

Phone Cable



Full Australian Support

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